Saturday, July 7, 2012

Well, I finally started a blog. This is my first post so it will be a while before I figure everything out. For now I'll just keep painting and working on the blog to make it nice and presentable to the public. I plan on regularly posting pictures of my paintings and comments about them. It might be anything from where the location is to what I went through to get what you see. I'm sure there will be interesting anecdotes too. Thank you for visiting today.


  1. Gosh, am I disappointed! I was looking for your paintings because Sharon thinks they are pretty good, and this is all I found.

    1. Hello Aline,
      You left me a message a long time ago (2013 I think) as I didn't have anything on my blog. Well, there's plenty now so take a look if you like! I have some paintings, drawings, videos, and a few stories showing some stages of my painting experience! Enjoy!