Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"Dusk by the River"

Another plein air sketch along the Merrimack river Now I am looking the other way downstream. There were people on the rocks fishing and children running around. It was later in the day  so the sun was starting to set. Note the sunshine on the far shore. Vine charcoal on sketch paper. Thanks for visiting!

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"Railroad Trestle Bridge"

Another sketch along the Merrimack river. This is on the other side of the bridge. This was sketched on site, en plein air. There were people about fishing and such while I sat on the beach and sketched. A very beautiful area. Vine charcoal on sketch paper. Thanks for visiting!

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"Railroad Trestle Bridge II"

What a beautiful area this is along the Merrimack river in Bedford, NH. There is a rocky outcrop that I can sit on and have many views all around. This is a railroad trestle bridge that is still in use. I just recently discovered this area - only a couple miles from my home. Plein air sketch in vine charcoal on sketch paper. Enjoy!

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This is a sketch of a friend. It was quite a lot of work to get everything just right. I am happy with the results. This is charcoal on bristol vellum. Thanks for visiting!


"Greely Park"

A quick sketch in a local park in Nashua, NH. This was done with brown ink on sketch paper. Just more practice. Enjoy!
"Rachel McAdams"

I've always liked the actress Rachel McAdams. She is very beautiful and a great actress. For some reason this was particularly difficult to do. It took me longer than usual but I am happy with the results! Thanks for visiting!